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In America w/The Brooklyn Women's Chorus

Last Man on the Mountain live in Berkeley, CA

Hang On Girl

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  • Sep 30

    An Beal Bocht Cafe


  • Oct 11

    Christopher Street Coffee House

    New York

  • Oct 12

    BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center

    New York

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  "WE WERE THERE!" is a multi-media women's labor history project featuring voices, songs and projected images depicting our sisters' struggles from abolitionist Sojourner Truth, fighting for women's rights to Dolores Huerta fighting on behalf of the farmworkers of today.

  "WE WERE THERE!" is an hour-long scripted program involving 10 local readers who represent historical characters and read from scripts provided, while images are being projected and music interjected between readings. It requires a one hour rehearsal with the readers and simple technical requirements, i.e., an LCD projector and screen, sound system, and 2 podiums or music stands for the readers.

  "We Were There!" brings history back to life. Presented in the here and now, the production is designed to allow local women to step into the shoes of these leaders by taking on their personae and reading their original writings - all against a backdrop formed by larger than life images of the women." (AFL-CIO America @ Work, Dec,/Jan. 1997--1998).



IBEW International Women's Conference - Phoenix, AZ July 2016


AFL-CIO Int'l Women's Event at the Ford Foundation

We Were There at the AFL-CIO March 2015

We Were There at the Pennsylvania AFSME Women's Conference - March 2015

UALE Northeast Summer School for Union Women Performance 2014

UALE Midwest Summer School for Union Women Performance 2014


BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center Performance - March 2014