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The Human Condition was founded in 1972 by Bev Grant (vocals and guitar) and Jerry Mitnick. It began on Garfield Place, where Gene Hicks (keyboards, fiddle and background vocals), Jerry Mitnick (electric bass and vocals) and Mario Giacalone (guitar and vocals) were living, in Park Slope Brooklyn. The band spent many years playing in support of the anti-war, anti-imperialist, social justice movement, performing songs reflecting a strong feminist and class consciousness provided by the songwriting of Bev Grant as well as other members in the band. The band played numerous benefits for the Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), toured college campuses in the Northeast, played at demonstrations and performed at the End of the War concert in Central Park. They recorded "The Working People Gonna Rise" in 1975 on the Paredon label and one of their songs, "Inez," written by Bev Grant was included in the recently released, Emmy nominated, "Best of Broadside" CD collection produced by Smithsonian Folkways Recording.