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BEV GRANT is the 2017 winner of the ASCAP Foundation's Jay Gorney Award

and the 2017 winner of the Labor Heritage Foundation's JOE HILL award

Article published in the Summer/Fall 2014 issue of the Smithsonian/Folkways Magazine



"Bev Grant still looks like a kid, but she has been a constant source of inspiration to me for almost 40 years... a brilliant feminist pioneer with a true rock and roll heart! What's not to love?" - Anne Feeney

Winner of the 2017 ASCAP Jay Gorney songwriter award and the 2017 Joe Hill Award, Bev Grant grew up singing and playing in Portland, Oregon, where she began her performing career as a child in a band with her two sisters. After moving to New York City, she devoted herself to topical songwriting and social activism, notably in her band The Human Condition. Bev is featured on the Grammy-nominated Best of Broadside album and is the founder and director of the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus. Her song “We Were There” has become an anthem of women in the labor movement, and many other of her award-winning songs can be found on her numerous recordings. Bev has just released her new cd entitled "It's Personal."





Bev Grant is a veteran social activist, feminist, labor singer/songwriter, "cultural worker" from Park Slope Brooklyn, where she has lived for over 40 years. She is the co-creator of a women's labor history multi-media presentation entitled "We Were There!" has recorded six albums, including a companion cd for the show, called "We Were There!", a solocd entitled "IN TUNE", a 7-song ep with her former group, Bev Grant & the Dissident Daughters, called “CHEEKY WOMAN”, two albums with her former band, "Human Condition" a CD with former singing partner, Ina May Wool, entitled WOOL&GRANT in 2014, and her 2017 solo cd, "It's Personal."

She has appeared on numerous compilation recordings, including the Grammy-nominated Smithsonian/Folkways "Best of Broadside" album. Rolling Stone Magazine calls THE BEST OF BROADSIDE "topical songwriting [as] holy warfare" and "a grand tribute to a stubborn ideal" (David Fricke, Rolling Stone, August 31, 2000). "Virtually every important singer/songwriter of the American folk revival is heard on the collection..." Billboard.

Bev is the 2017 ASCAP Foundation Jay Gorney award as well as the Labor Heritage Foundation Joe Hill Award. She has used her music as an organizing tool in both community and union organizing, often writing songs for specific issues or campaigns and facilitating the creation and use of music by others. The most recent example is a song called “Take A Walk In My shoes” written for a domestic violence survivor’s advocacy group called Voices of Women Organizing Project (VOW). (Link to song and website – Another example is called "No Sweat!" and was performed by Bev and co-writer, Pat Humphries, at the University Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) conference in the summer of '99. It can be found on Hands, released in 2001, by Pat Humphries, and on the 2003 album “Power of Song” by the Brooklyn Women's Chorus.

Ron Olesko, WDSU "Traditions" published in March 2017 says: "It’s Personal is an introspective and heart-felt collection of personal songs. However, closer examination reveals that the songs in this collection give an insight into what has motivated and shaped this extraordinary artist. It’s Personal features a diverse mix of folk, jazz and good old rock and roll to gives us a glimpse of the world that is fighting to make a better place for all."   AND   "Bev Grant is one of New York City’s treasures. It’s about time that more people across the nation discover her, and listening to It’s Personalis a perfect opportunity to not only experience her music, but also to learn something about ourselves in the process."

In 2006, Bev won the Honorary BAXten Arts and Artists in Progress Award. The BAXten award honors "individuals in the arts who have revealed and transformed our creative world by instigating enduring change deepening the definition of their field and paving the way for others."

In 2014, Bev was featured in the summer/fall issue Smithsonian/Folkways Magazine. See link above.